December 2017

Goal #1:  Teach the rest of staff the basics of photography.

Currently the staff can take pretty decent snapshots but the quality level varies from person to person. Teaching the basics of composition and manual mode would allow the the rest of staff to be good photographers in a pinch.

Goal #2: File Photos faster to Correspondentlive.com

I take a while to edit and upload photos following an event or sporting event. My current workflow could use some optimization and shortcuts.

Goal #3: Learn how to be a videographer.

In talking to members of the Daily Herald and Daily Northwestern photography departments, future photojournalists need to have multimedia skills such as videography, and 360 degree video.

Goal #4: Diversify my sports photography.

Currently I only take photos for the main sports teams such as Cross Country, Football, Basketball, and Track. I need to go and cover the non traditional sports like bowling or gymnastics. Also I need capture more emotion in my photos because I currently capture the peak moment of action, but then don’t capture the emotional moment afterwards which is another aspect of a story.

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