August 15, 2021
Berkley's Safe Haven from Gun Violence
For kids in the Norfolk neighborhood of Berkley, the football field is often one of the few places safe from gun violence. Just as he has for the past two decades, Glen Yearling prepares the Berkley Timberwolves for the 2021 season, aiming to win on the gridiron and instill his players with a sense of discipline, belonging and hope.
Story by Olivia George with photos by Trent Sprague for The Virginian-Pilot
August 08, 2021
A Day at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront
Hosting millions of tourists in a beach town takes work. It begins before the sun rises and continues long after it sets. Even with staffing challenges this summer, Virginia Beach's hospitality industry is determined to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. Rolling out the welcome mat is the key to its success. Under a dark sky, crews comb the beach, erasing yesterday’s trash to start a new day with a clean slate. The shoreline awakens, and lifeguards climb onto their stands.It’s all hands on deck to fulfill the wants and needs of tourists. Hotel housekeepers strip the beds. Shop managers restock the beach umbrellas and chairs. Then, as another summer day winds down, restaurants and bars prep for the crowds. The city’s peacekeepers gear up for a busy evening in the 40-block resort area. As night falls over the beach again, the clock resets.
Photos by Trent Sprague with writing by Stacy Parker for The Virginian-Pilot.
July 20, 2021
Virginia Beach's Openwater Swimming Community
For some residents of Hampton Roads, open water swimming offers a way to exercise, but for Elizabeth Moore, it offers a challenge and a sense of community. As a college student, Moore is constantly packing up her life for the next opportunity and having a common bond, such as open water swimming allows her to move places with pre-existing connections.
May 05, 2020
Locked by Caution Tape
On March 26, 2020, The City of Chicago closed parks to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This closure occurred after warm weather drew large crowds to gather and flout social distancing rules as Chicago recorded 673 additional coronavirus cases. After the City of Chicago closed parks, many adjacent communities did the same. This mass closure of parks, playgrounds and most public spaces created an eerie emptiness.
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